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Embroidery by 'Galychanka' is bright, purely Ukrainian accent in everyday youngsters’ fashion. Cross and satin-stitched floral and geometrical patterns do not just emphasis your taste. They show your love towards Motherland. With the help of embroidery created in Ukraine, we tend to make your days more exciting and colourful.

1 Hetmana Mazepy Str.

Lviv, 79068 Ukraine

+38 067 802 88 88

+38 066 738 93 99

ВУЛ. ВАЛОВА 2 (вхід з пл. Галицька)


+38 098 505 01 29

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Answers to frequently asked questions

How to order ?            

Online orders are accepted around the clock!   Orders are processed from 08:30-17:00

How do you deliver?

"Galychanka" cooperates with the best transportation Ukrainian and abroad companies, so you've got a modern Galician shirt as soon as possible. Simply choose convenient for you office of the "Nova Poshta" or "Intime", "Ukrposhta" , "Mist Express".

 Can I try on clothes before buying?

You can try on the clothes in the brand store at Lviv 1 Hetman Mazepa Str.